When you need a theft charges defense attorney

There are many forms of theft charges ranging from lesser offenses such as shoplifting, to much more serious theft crimes, such as burglary, embezzlement, fraud and other similar types of charges. Regardless of the level of the crime, you will need to mount a theft charges defense strategy with the help of an experienced attorney. For many years, the lawyers at Bird & Bird have helped countless clients fight for their rights and their freedom by implementing aggressive and thorough tactics to give clients fair and excellent representation.

Possible theft charges defense strategies

The attorneys at Bird & Bird can pursue several possible defense strategy options depending on the specifics of your case. Typical defense strategies that are commonly used may include:

Lack of intent. To prove that a theft has taken place, it must be proven by the prosecution that a defendant had the intent to deprive the owner of his or her property without their consent or their knowledge. Forgetting to return an item to a neighbor after you’ve borrowed it is a clear case of lack of intent to commit theft and is not representative of how intent works in a court of law. Without verbal, written or physical evidence that a defendant had the intent to permanently deprive another person of their property or assets, this can be an effective strategy to pursue in many cases.

Theft under duress. If a person is forced to commit a theft under the threat of physical harm or death by another, then the defense of duress can be introduced. In some cases, this is also known as blackmail.

Claiming that you own the property in question. If you can establish that you own the property in question, or that you had reason to believe you were the owner, then you may be able to pursue this strategy.

Mistake of fact. In some cases, a piece of property thought to be stolen may not have actually been stolen. A person may have misplaced it or lost it instead.

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