When it is critical to retain an experienced DUI defense attorney

In California, the penalties for driving under the influence can be costly and harsh. If convicted, you will be subject to fines, possible jail time, and impacts to your work and social life. Law enforcement takes a dim view of drivers who operate a motor vehicle after they have been drinking or doing drugs. That’s why if you’re facing a DUI charge, you need to retain the services of the best possible DUI defense attorney you can possibly afford.

Mounting a strong DUI defense

The attorneys at Bird & Bird have many years of experience in providing effective DUI defense services. With all their years in practice, they are able to demonstrate a high success rate as well as a strong working knowledge of the local court system and many of the judges who try DUI cases. These factors can work significantly in your favor if you find yourself facing a DUI charge.

In addition, the attorneys at Bird & Bird are also skilled negotiators, giving you an edge if you decide to negotiate a plea bargain to have your penalties reduced, saving you time and money if you believe you are facing a certain conviction.

There are also times when you may be a commercial driver who has been charged with a DUI while operating a truck or service vehicle in connection with your job. As you can imagine, the stakes are raised significantly in cases such as these, because you not only risk losing your license but your livelihood as well. Navigating cases such as these requires additional skill and experience to best represent your interests.

A case can also be more complicated if a person already has more than one DUI offense on their record. In instances such as these, the thing to remember is to act quickly to begin mounting a defense to give you the best chance at experiencing the least amount of impacts to your life.

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