Even the best marriages can fall victim to domestic violence

Every marriage goes through its share of ups and downs. The stress of day to day living coupled with unforeseen strains such as the loss of a job, the death of a loved one, or other major life events can quickly change the dynamics of relationships within families. When that happens, two people in a relationship can take it out on each other, many times without meaning to do so. This can lead to incidents of domestic violence. Because law enforcement officials are hypersensitive to these types of issues, if you’ve been charged with this type of crime, you need to mount an immediate and effective domestic violence charges defense.

Domestic violence charges defense strategies

If you’ve been charged with domestic violence, the attorneys at Bird & Bird can help you mount an effective defense based on the circumstances of your case.

There are several possible defenses that can be employed.

One of the most common is that charges are often brought against a defendant as a form of revenge, or they are completely without merit. However, because of the high level of sensitivity by law enforcement and the courts, each case is investigated thoroughly and charges can be entered even though evidence may be circumspect.

False accusations can spring up for any number of reasons, ranging from hate, spite or malice. Often times, domestic violence charges are also filed when a couple is divorcing and one parent tries to leverage their position for child custody purposes by accusing the other parent of domestic violence.

In other cases, domestic violence may actually be a case of self-defense. Proving that a defendant was actually in imminent danger is one of the keys to using this as a strategy.

At other times, we may attempt to show that a lack of proof exists. In cases where no physical evidence is found, a prosecutor may not be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that an act of domestic violence actually took place.

The California Victim Compensation Board offers a comprehensive look at domestic violence in the state, including several resources for people to contact if they need help. Go here for more information.

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